MILLER & MILOVE celebrates our 30th Anniversary, with great thanks to our many clients, employees and supporters!


Miller & Milove is a leading business and securities law firm comprised of experienced and dedicated attorneys focusing on the recovery of investor losses due to deceptive or fraudulent investment sales practices. Our firm possesses a reputation for excellence built on more than 30 years of professional representation of clients nationwide in complex litigation, arbitration and mediation proceedings. We possess extensive experience in state and federal courts, FINRA arbitrations and mediations arising from various business, investment and real estate disputes. Most of our cases are a result of referrals from former clients, attorneys and judges familiar with our performance.


INVESTOR ALERT: AEQUITAS CAPITAL MANAGEMENT fraud investigation. Miller & Milove represents investors in connection the  $300 million Aequitas Capital Management failure. Aequitas CEO Robert Jesenik, Executive VP Brian Oliver and CFO N. Scott Gillis have all been charged in the scam. Miller & Milove is investigating the participation of financial advisors, CPAs and  brokers in connection with the unlawful sales of Aequitas investments.


INVESTOR ALERT: ADVANCED PARTICLE THERAPY LLC and affiliates: (1)WFG HEALTH VENTURES, LLC, (2) MARYLAND PROTON TREATMENT HOLDINGS, LLC, (3) DALLAS PROTON TREATMENT CENTER and (4) GEORGIA PROTON TREATMENT HOLDINGS LLC investigation. Miller & Milove represents an investor in connection with investments in proton therapy investments promoted by Advanced Particle Therapy LLC of San Diego and Carlsbad, California. Advanced Particle Therapy LLC and its CEO Jeffrey Bordok acted as the sponsor of several investments in proton therapy cancer treatment centers. The proton therapy investments were sold through several firms including WFG Investments Inc. of Dallas, Texas and Enviso Capital LLC of San Diego, California which also acts as the registered investment advisor for the GPTH Note LLC fund. To date, all of the proton therapy centers sponsored by Advanced Particle Therapy have underperformed financial projections and the Dallas, Texas and Atlanta, Georgia treatment facilities are financially distressed and construction on these facilities have not been completed.



Misleading Private Placements, REITs, TICs and other “Alternative Investments” are defrauding investors out of life savings as brokers and financial advisors push high commission/high risk Private Placements instead of traditional investments appropriate for retirement and estate planning. Conservative and retired investors seeking safe income producing investments have been defrauded in private placement securities offerings. In the current low interest rate environment, various Brokers, Investment Advisors, Accountants, Wealth Management and Financial Planning firms have ramped up marketing and sales of complex, commission rich and risky “Alternative Investments“ targeting those seeking safe income generating investments. Securities regulators, such as FINRA, have warned brokers and investment professionals that “Alternative Investments”, such as Tenant In Common Real Estate offerings (TICs), 1031 Exchange products, Non-traded REITS and other real estate and oil and gas deals – all sold through “Private Placement” offerings – are unsuitable for most, if not all, retail investors. Indeed, representatives of the private placement industry admit to the outright fraud of some promoters amongst their association. However the benefit of huge commissions paid to the brokers selling these unsuitable products has encouraged continuing unlawful sales of “Alternative Investments” and has caused devastating losses to retirees and conservative investors alike.


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