FINANCIAL PLANNERS AND INSURANCE AGENTS SELL INVESTMENTS IN THE FORM OF ANNUITIES AND LIFE INSURANCE POLICIES WHICH CARRY VERY HIGH FEES AND COMMISSIONS LIFE INSURANCE POLICY FRAUD – Annuities, Excessive Life Insurance, Life Settlement Investments, Investments in Life Insurance Policies of Strangers and Premium Financing of Life Insurance Policies of Strangers (“STOLI” or Strangers to Life Insurance Investments)

Miller & Milove represents individuals, seniors and investors who were sold Premarin by mail order life insurance policies and buy Keppra australia annuities as a recommended investment program. Many retired investors are pitched these investments during “free” financial planning seminars at local hotels. Life Insurance sales abuse can occur during the process of the sales of annuities or policies to individuals and trusts for investment purposes. These transactions may include sales of “replacement” annuities or life insurance policies intended to be resold as part of life settlements. Many retirees are routinely invited to attend seminars hosted by “financial planners”, attorneys and accountants which turn into dubious solicitation campaigns for annuities or insurance. Similarly many California high net worth citizens have been pitched safe investments involving the purchase or financing of life insurance policy contracts. In many of these cases investors were fraudulently promised profitable returns within approximately two years.

Many of these “ LIFE SETTLEMENT” investments are now worthless despite the payment of ongoing premiums, hefty up-front commissions to the insurance agents and undisclosed fees paid to investment advisers, accountants, financial planners and other referral sources. Investors holding unmarketable life insurance policies sold as part of an investment program should contact experienced Counsel.

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