Miller & Milove represents an investor in proton therapy investments promoted by click this where to buy zovirax pills Advanced Particle Therapy LLC of San Diego and Carlsbad, California.

Advanced Particle Therapy LLC and its CEO Jeffrey Bordok acted as the sponsor of  proton therapy cancer treatment center investments sold through several firms including WFG Investments Inc. of Dallas, Texas,  Enviso Capital LLC of San Diego, California and other financial advisers.

The Advanced Particle Therapy proton therapy offerings included:

(1)WFG HEALTH VENTURES, LLC, aka California Proton Cancer Center and Scripps Proton Therapy Center
(2) MARYLAND PROTON TREATMENT HOLDINGS, LLC, aka Maryland Proton Treatment Center
(3) DALLAS PROTON TREATMENT HOLDINGS LLC, aka Dallas Proton Treatment Center
(4) GEORGIA PROTON TREATMENT HOLDINGS LLC, aka Georgia Proton Treatment Center and Emery Proton Therapy Center

To date, all of the proton therapy centers sponsored by Advanced Particle Therapy have underperformed financial projections and Miller & Milove is investigating allegations that investors’ funds were misappropriated and related allegations of fraud.

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